"Best Places to Work" Application Bundle (Discounted)

"Best Places to Work" Application Bundle (Discounted)

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Includes application to all three Best Places to Work certifications ($1650 value).

  • Best Places to Work for Dads
  • Best Places to Work for Moms
  • Best Places for Parents Working Remotely

Fatherly and Scary Mommy, the top digital media brands for parents, have teamed up to launch Parents@Work -- a program that celebrates workplace policies and cultural practices that improve the experience of working parents.

Parents@Work leverages the influence and expertise of Fatherly and Scary Mommy to help employers achieve better, parent-friendly standards. Working with issue experts such as Katherine Eyster from the National Partnership for Women and Families and Stewart Friedman from Wharton, we now offer a  series of "Best Places to Work” certifications to organizations that meet rigorous criteria. 

Our efficient questionnaire can be completed by the HR or Benefits team in as little as an hour, without requiring a workplace survey.  Our goal is to focus on parental leave policy, benefits, and how your culture enables people to take advantage of both. 

Sample Question: What is the average duration of parental leave that mothers at your company take?

If you pass, your company will be highlighted in the Parents@Work Best Places to Work Honor Rolls, distributed across both Fatherly and Scary Mommy's websites, which reach over 100M+ parents monthly. You will also receive a Best Places to Work digital badge for each passed certification.

Every participant, regardless of whether or not they meet certification criteria, will receive benchmarking data via a scorecard. 

In an increasingly competitive labor market, meaningful employee benefits have become more important than ever to attract and retain top talent. At a time when all working parents demand greater levels of flexibility than ever before, Parents@Work hopes to help companies create environments that are attractive to both parents and employers alike. 

If you prefer to pay via PO/Invoice please reach out to certifications@fatherly.com